Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Advanced Materials
Morgan Advanced Materials is a global materials engineering company which designs and manufactures a wide range of high specification products with extraordinary properties, across multiple sectors and geographies. From an extensive range of advanced materials we produce components, assemblies and systems that deliver significantly enhanced performance for our customers’ products and processes. Our engineered solutions are produced to very high tolerances and many are designed for use in extreme environments.
The Company thrives on breakthrough innovation. Our materials scientists and applications engineers work in close collaboration with customers to create outstanding, highly differentiated products that perform more efficiently, more reliably and for longer.
Morgan Advanced Materials has a global presence with more than 10,000 employees across 50 countries serving specialist markets in the energy, transport, healthcare, electronics, security and defence, petrochemical and industrial sectors. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange in the engineering sector (ticker MGAM ).
Morgan Advanced Materials – Composites and Defence Systems supplies the most advanced lightweight solider protections system technologies in the world. We are a global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance combat helmets and body armour, including multi-hit ballistic plates, for military, police and civilian end users worldwide.
  • Our personal protection products include:
  • Combat helmets
  • Ballistic body armour plates
  • Integrated load carriage 
Morgan Advanced Materials – Composites and Defence Systems explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) suits combine outstanding protection with class leading ergonomic performance. 
Our EOD suits are designed for use in disposal strategies based on the gathering of forensic intelligence, such as those favoured by the UK MOD and in an increasing number of countries worldwide. We have supplied the suits extensively to customers across the world. 
They are designed with leading-edge materials technology and garment engineering, for maximum protection with minimal hindrance to movement. They are lightweight, comfortable to wear for extended periods and have effective ventilation and cooling systems to reduce operator fatigue, allowing the operator to work without compromise. 
  • ERGOTEC 4010 suits consist of 
  • ERGOTEC 3010 suits offer lightweight protection for high risk search operations. 
Morgan Advanced Materials – Composites and Defence Systems combines core competencies in materials technology, manufacturing processes and integration to deliver world-leading armour systems for vehicles, ships and aircraft.  Engineered using a unique combination of advanced ceramic and structural composite materials, our high performance multi-hit armour weighs up to 50% less than the equivalent steel products for high level threat systems. 
  • CAMAC® Structural Armour - Up to 50% lighter than steel with enhanced survivability
  • CAMAC® Appliqué Armour  -Lightweight, multi-hit protection to upgrade existing platforms
  • CAMAC® Ultra-Light Semi-Structural Armour 
  • CAMAC® Spall Armour
All of our solutions can be can be designed and manufactured to meet specific customer requirements at our facilities in Coventry UK

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