21 - 24 January, 2019 | Twickenham Stadium, London, United Kingdom

Richard Jones

ILS Manager, Land Combat Systems – BOXER
NATO Support and Procurement Agency


The In Service Support (ISS) Phase is normally the most lengthy and costly phase in the life cycle of a defence equipment programme and it is the only phase that provides real capability to the user. Therefore, the preparation of this phase is key to the success of the programme and the defence system itself. International programmes make the preparation of a common In Service support Phase more complex as they require all Participating States to cooperate on a joint approach. The BOXER Programme managed by OCCAR during the Development and Production Phase and an In Service Support Phase with common elements managed by NSPA is a practical example of how this can work.
The panel includes the BOXER user nations, the management organisations and the BOXER industry to discuss the following aspects:
·          How can national requirements be implemented in a multinational programme?
·          How can different national logistic concepts be supported in a cooperative ISS Phase?
·          What are the main aspects to prepare the common ISS?
·          How can lessons learned from operation be introduced into the multinational Production and ISS Phases?
·          How can an entirely new capability be fielded in the Army?
·          How can industry support the transition into the ISS Phase and the ISS Phase?

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