21 - 24 January, 2019 | Twickenham Stadium, London, United Kingdom

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The annual International Armoured Vehicles Conference (IAVs, 21-24 January 2019, Twickenham, London) has gained a reputation as the world’s premier international meeting ground for all elements of the armoured community.Attend this forum to improve your knowledge of the state of developmen ...

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Armoured Vehicles Market Report 2018

Diplomatic and geopolitical activity in the past year has been turbulent. Among the factors that have made the biggest impact on the armoured vehicles market is the widespread sense of instability and unpredictability when it comes to knowing the type and pace of combat operations in the c ...

IAVs 2018 Attendee List

In the lead up to the 18th annual International Armoured Vehicles conference, we would like to share our sample attendee list

Preparing the army of the future: TRADOC's role in shaping the future land forces

The battlespace is increasingly complex and requires land forces to be flexible and have mobility while preserving their lethality, using systems that are more and more digitised. For the past 17 years, the International Armoured Vehicles has proven itself in the armoured vehicles communit ...

The importance of a land power narrative in an ever-evolving battlefield

Land power is indispensable to achieve strategic objectives on the ground. The battlefield is changing and new threats and enemies are emerging, creating new procurement requirements and challenges for armed forces and the armoured vehicle community needs to adapt to this evolution. In this exclu ...

"We have started to build up our National defence" - Five focus areas of the Swedish Army to remain relevant in an increasing threat context

In this exclusive article, Major General Engelbrektson, Chief of Staff of the Swedish Army, who will be present at the 2018 International Armoured Vehicles conference, offers us a privileged insight on the five areas Sweden is focusing on in order to remain relevant in an increas ...

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Armoured Vehicles Global Inventories Report

Following our 2016-17 Armoured Vehicles Global Market Report, this follow-on report details global vehicle inventories – in easy-to-read table format – in so far as it is possible to calculate. Of course, some nations and regions are less transparent than others about the exact units stocked in their military vehicle...

General David G. Perkins: Designing the future army to create a versatile, tailorable future force

Take a look at the presentation given by General David G. Perkins, Commanding General, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command. He discussed designing the future army to create a versatile, tailorable future force.

Brigadier General Chris Mills: Re-defining the role of Australia's future AFVs

Take a look at the presentation given by General Brigadier Chris Mills, Director General Modernisation - Army. At the 17th annual International Armoured Vehicles Conference 2017, he explored how to re-define the role of Australia’s future AFVs.

Brigadier-General D.A. Macaulay: The future of direct fire

At the 17th annual International Armoured Vehicles Conference 2017, Brigadier-General D.A. Macaulay gave a presentation about the future of direct fire. Download it here.

Speakers at 2017 IAV's Conference - Why They're Attending

Ahead of the 17th annual International Armoured Vehicles Conference 2017 we caught up with the speakers to tell us exactly why they are attending.

Armoured Vehicles Industry Insights - 2017

As the 17th Annual International Armoured Vehicles conference, the 2017 edition is the biggest in the event’s history. While many attend for the unique speaking engagements and detailed briefs on requirements and procurement plans, many also attend to meet the vast array of manufacturers and suppliers flocking to the conference’s...

General Dennis L Via, US Army Materiel Command: Procurement and Upgrade

January 2016 General Dennis L Via, Commanding General, U.S. Army Materiel Command, discussed the procurement plans and challenges for the US Army in the coming year at International Armoured Vehicles.

Lt Gen Seppo Toivonen, Commander, Finnish Army

January 2016 Lieutenant General Seppo Toivonen, Commander of the Finnish Army, summarises his briefing points at IAVs 2016, with thoughts towards modernisation and upgrades.

Brigadier General Charles Beaudouin, French Army: Programme Development

January 2016 Brigadier General Charles Beaudouin, Director Technical Section, French Army, discusses the priorities for French vehicles in the field of reducing weight and upping firepower, as well as why he believes the International Armoured Vehicles forum is useful when it comes to decision-making.

Colonel John Atkinson, US Marine Corps: Upgrade plans

January 2016 Colonel John Atkinson, Director of Fires and Maneuver Integration Division for the U.S. Marine Corps, discusses the current plans for upgrade and modernisation as the USMC seeks to bolster its expeditionary capabilities.

Major Francois Laroche, ATDU: Vehicle Technology Development

January 2016 The role of the Armoured Trials and Development Unit (ATDU) is to carry out user trials and development tasks on armoured vehicle equipment in order to provide cost-effective support to the Equipment Programme. Here, Major Francois Laroche, discusses what the current landscape looks like for vehicle protection and...

Textron Systems: Plans and Priorities

January 2016 Shortly before announcing its deal to supply the SCTV to Ukraine, Bear Midkiff, Textron’s director of Europe and Africa business operations, talks to Defence IQ about the company's activity over the past year and its priorities for 2016 and beyond. Textron Systems was the lead sponsor of International...

Black Hornet: Prox Dynamics discusses vehicle-launched nano UAVs

January 2016 Jack Eirik Straume of Prox Dynamics explains to Defence IQ how the the Black Hornet nano unmanned aerial vehicle has gone from strength to strength since seeing use in the British and Norwegian Army.  Showcasing the product at International Armoured Vehicles, the device can be launched from the...

Special Feature: Armoured Vehicles Investment Outlook 2016-2026

This special feature seeks to provide a long-term outlook for global armoured vehicle production, highlighting in particular where potential investors in the protected mobility industry should be looking, in order to secure the highest possible return. Several major defence primes across Europe and the US are explored for financials and...