International Armoured Vehicles

25 - 28 January, 2016

London, UK


2015 Speakers Included:

 Philip Dunne MP
Philip Dunne MP
Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology
British Government
Major General Robert Talbot-Rice
Major General Robert Talbot-Rice
Head Armoured Vehicle Programmes

Welcome to the world’s premier armoured vehicles forum

The past year has seen the perceived future threat environment come full circle as unrest in the Middle East persists and NATO faces challenges old and new.

By the next conference, NATO will have withdrawn from combat operations in Afghanistan and many governments have indicated an aversion to ‘boots on the ground’.c But during a year when the threat from ISIS/ISIL/IS has become manifest and the conflict in Ukraine begs international attention, many have suggested that boots on the ground are almost always necessary to stabilise and ultimately resolve such issues.c With boots comes the need for firepower, mobility, protection and information, best provided by a combination of aerial platforms and armoured vehicles.

At IAV it will therefore be our duty to ask the pressing questions such as: What technology and platforms are we preparing with one eye on the future and one on the present? How can the modern armoured vehicle continue to adapt and remain capable in 21st century theatres of conflict?

January 2016 will see the International Armoured Vehicles confex move to the internationally renowned home of rugby, Twickenham Stadium in London. As part of our exciting move back to London, the Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP- Secretary of State for Defence, UK Ministry of Defence- and Mr Philip Dunne MP- Minister for Defence Equipment, Support & Technology- have both accepted invitations to deliver ministerial keynote presentations.

We welcome you to join us as at IAV to:

  • Re-join the largest, annual and international gathering of armoured mobility experts to develop and share your organisation’s capability, knowledge and project management expertise within the largest group of targeted prospective partners, anywhere in the world
  • Engage with your customers and supply chains in conference and at the exhibition in order to solve common challenges and to bring forward your modernisation and development agendas
  • Explore the future threat environment with the community’s thought leaders, policy makers and innovators and support the community's ability to defeat the enemy by demonstrating your armoured capability

At IAV, you will enjoy a unique opportunity to focus on armoured capability and learn, within the constraints of security, how to make the best of the capability in hand and how to focus future requirements. Sharing these varied experiences in this vital field, at a venue that offers the space to exhibit, confer and network with a wide variety of international colleagues on one site is, quite simply, an opportunity that cannot be missed.

So, whether you are a military practitioner, acquisition staffer, decision maker, programme manager, technical expert, industrial supplier or strategic leader, we look forward to welcoming you to Twickenham early next year.

If you are a stakeholder in this sector, IAV is the place to be so, if you've not attended before, come and join 45+ Speakers, 50+ Nations, 50+ Sponsors and 200+ Senior Military Decision-Makers for the debate in January. If you are interested in participating, please get in touch at

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Exclusive ContentExclusive Content

  • US Army establishing permanent armoured force in Eastern Europe by end of yearUS Army establishing permanent armoured force in Eastern Europe by end of year
    February 2015
    The head of the US Army in Europe has elaborated on plans to keep armoured equipment in Eastern Europe as a warning to Russia that NATO forces will be ready to respond to further military aggression. Lieutenant General Ben Hodges told Defence IQ that “It’s irrefutable right now that Russia is providing a significant amount of aid to its proxies. In fact the amount of armoured vehicles, heavy artillery and rocket launchers that the rebels are using has doubled since the Minsk agreement back in September.” [Watch the interview]

  • Armoured Vehicles Industry InsightArmoured Vehicles Industry Insight
    Hear from four of the event partners of IAV XV, including their focus in the market throughout 2015 and who they hope to meet in the new year. This early industry insight comes courtesy of four of the leading armoured vehicles companies in the world: RUAG Defense, IVECO Defence Vehicles, Soucy Defense and Nexter Systems. Find out how Tier 2 and 3 suppliers can discover opportunities with these companies, as well as who else will be available to meet at the event.
  • Global Armoured Vehicles Market Report 2015Global Armoured Vehicles Market Report 2015

    Defence IQ’s Global Armoured Vehicles Market Report 2015 is now available to download without charge. As regular readers will be aware, this annual report offers a digestible guide to the latest AV market trends from the world at large, as well as the results of our recent survey undertaken to explore the perspectives of industry professionals and military personnel within this domain.

    [This PDF is a large file (11mb+). Please allow time for it to download]

  • Armoured Vehicles Plans & Requirements 2014-15Armoured Vehicles Plans & Requirements 2014-15
    Defence IQ's Armoured Vehicles Plans & Requirements Map is an online tool updated on an annual basis to help our readers chart the most notable development programmes occurring around the world. From major procurement and acquisition investments in the likes of Poland, the U.S. and India to the niche but vital demands of Malaysia, Kenya and Paraguay, this map provides instant insight.
    Simply hover your cursor over the flag-pin for the summary.

Additional Event InformationAdditional Event Information


"A very good, well organized meeting place for military and non-military people to exchange ideas. It’s the place to go for up to date trends in the defence business."Brigadier General Slawomir Wojciechowski, Polish MoD
"The whole event was extremely well organised and ran very smoothly; the perfect mix of debate and defence industry."Colonel David Swann MBE, British Army
An excellent event.Zabiela Vidas, Capability Director, Lithuanian MoD

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