Combatting future threats in an increasingly complex world requires strategic vision and innovation in order to ensure armies are able to meet current operational requirements while meeting the challenges 2020-2040. 

Nations modernizing their armoured vehicles protected mobility have told us that they are placing an emphasis in medium-weight wheeled capability that allows armies to retain a high level of operational readiness, the ability to swiftly deliver strike capability, and do all this with a minimum logistical burden. 

Nations are training in anticipation of future combat scenarios in coalition environments. This is required to ensure armed forces have the capability to deploy with partners at short notice. The complex and urban environments of the future demand modernization of C4ISR suites in order to ensure informed decisions and clear communication. 

This is the 17th Annual International Armoured Vehicles Conference. This is the world’s premier forum dedicated to the armour community. This is where you can make your contribution by sharing experiences and networking with colleagues from across the world.

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Re-join the largest, annual and international gathering of armoured mobility experts to develop and share your organisation's capability, knowledge and project management expertise within the largest group of targeted prospective partners, anywhere in the world

Engage with your customers and supply chains in conference and at the exhibition in order to solve common challenges and to bring forward your modernisation and development agendas

Explore the future threat environment with the community's thought leaders, policy makers and innovators and support the community's ability to defeat the enemy by demonstrating your armoured capability